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China-Pakistan boosting cooperating for sustainable development in medical sector

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BEIJING, Apr.30 (INP): China and Pakistan have emerged as pivotal allies in advancing sustainable development, especially in the crucial domain of healthcare.

This was stated by Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, Chairman of the China-Pakistan Health Corridor and President of the China-Pakistan Medical Association (CPMA), according to Gwadar Pro on Tuesday.

He emphasized their shared dedication to innovation and progress in tackling pressing health challenges and bolstering robust medical infrastructure.

Dr. Shahbaz delivered a compelling address during the International Forum on Science and Diplomacy, held as part of the 2024 ZGC Forum round table session in Beijing.

His speech echoed the event’s theme of “Promoting Science for Good, Supporting Sustainable Development,” highlighting the critical role of innovation in addressing global issues.

Expressing his deep pleasure and honor to participate in the event organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MOST), Dr. Shahbaz commended the dynamic potential of the gathering in fostering numerous opportunities for future collaboration among nations.

In today’s fiercely competitive global landscape, Dr. Shahbaz stressed the necessity for sustainable solutions. Governments, corporations, and SMEs recognize the indispensable role of innovation in driving development, particularly in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, encapsulated in Industry 4.0, which serves as a catalyst for leveraging science and technology for sustainable growth.

Dr. Shahbaz praised the CPMA’s significant role in facilitating multidisciplinary cooperation in the medical field among China, Pakistan, and Belt and Road countries.

He highlighted the groundbreaking China-Pakistan Health Corridor (CPHC) initiative launched in 2017, which comprises interconnected medical universities, hospitals, and research centers leveraging telemedicine and AI technologies to align with Sustainable Development Goal 3 on good health and well-being.

Additionally, Dr. Shahbaz outlined the efforts of the FDS Consortium’s Department of International Cooperation in advancing technological innovation in precision tumor radiotherapy and nuclear safety under the leadership of Academician Wu Yican.

He emphasized the importance of sharing China’s expertise in managing health crises with other Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries through collaborative initiatives like the CPHC.


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