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Chinese government’s work report  highlights acceleration of hydrogen energy development

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BEIJING, Mar. 8 (INP): The Chinese government’s work report for this year has, for the first time, highlighted the acceleration of hydrogen energy development, marking its debut as a pioneering industry in the report.

“This inaugural inclusion of the hydrogen energy sector in the government work report as a leading-edge industry underscores a strengthened conviction in the potential of hydrogen energy,” noted Zhang Guoqiang, a deputy to the 14th National People’s Congress (NPC), according to Gwadar Pro.

Hydrogen energy is a pivotal element in the latest global energy shift, said Zhang, who is also the Chairman of SinoHytec, a high-tech company that focuses on the R&D and commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells.

He believes hydrogen energy plays a crucial role in fostering an energy production and consumption revolution, establishing a clean, low-carbon, secure, and efficient energy system, and ultimately reaching carbon peak and neutrality targets.

In recent years, the development of China’s hydrogen energy industry has accelerated significantly, and the technology of autonomous fuel cells and their key components has gradually matured and achieved industrial application.

However, with the development of hydrogen energy industry to the depth, it is also facing new problems and challenges.

For instance, Zhang told China Economic Net, the hydrogen energy industry in China is currently small-scale, which poses challenges for its sustainable development.

Additionally, the application of hydrogen energy in storage, power generation, metallurgy, and chemical industries is still in the early stages of market application and has not yet achieved scale, making it difficult to support the sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry.

On top of that, the sources of hydrogen are limited, and the production scale, especially for green hydrogen, is insufficient, leading to a shortage of hydrogen supply and high prices.

Moreover, the primary method of hydrogen storage and transportation is high-pressure gaseous form, which has low efficiency. The lack of well-developed hydrogen refueling infrastructure further impedes the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

At this year’s Two Sessions, Zhang Guoqiang believes that it is necessary to promote the large-scale application of hydrogen energy, and drive the industry to improve quality and reduce costs with scale.

He suggested increasing support and formulating corresponding support policies, while continuing to expand the number of fuel cell vehicle demonstration city clusters.


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