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Mediterranean cold winds cause Gwadar flooding: Chairman Federal Flood Commission

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GWADAR, Apr. 1 (INP): Mediterranean cold winds cause Gwadar flooding,  said Ahmed Kamal, Chief Engineering Advisor & Chairman Federal Flood Commission.

Responding to the misinformation from some media on Gwadar’s flood situation and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he pointed out that main reason for recent torrential rains in Gwadar is the stream of cold winds coming from the Mediterranean.

He told Gwadar Pro here on Monday that between mid-February to mid-April the temperature has been a bit higher, and this time this condition and the temperature were higher.

Due to the higher temperature and the penetration of the system, there had an impact of the seaside also in Gwadar. That’s why there was increased rainfall due to higher temperatures at that time and sea surface vapor being sucked into it,” Ahmed Kamal explained.

“Such incidents have happened in the past in Gwadar and nearby areas such as Kage or Lasbela, but not with the intensity that has happened this time. This is very much indicating the impact of climate change, and this is an indication of western wave or cold winds coming to Pakistan and increasing its impact in Pakistan,” he further said.

According to Ahmed Kamal, China and Pakistan have been closely working together on disaster management. “We have also signed an MoU with the relevant Ministry of the Chinese Government, and Hohai University of China, under which there will be a Joint Water Management Center.

Besides this, a large number of personnel every year i.e. junior, middle and senior students who will be water resources and management professionals from colleges and universities will be trained in Pakistan as well as in China,” he said.

If we want to develop a place and we want to improve our country, then no one should have any kind of objection.

People of my country especially people of Balochistan have as much right to develop as anyone else,” Ahmed Kamal remarked.


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