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Pakistan could benefit China’s agroecosystems example to balance agri productivity with environment Experts 

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Islamabad, Apr. 24  (INP): “China’s agroecosystems are a prime example of how we can balance agricultural productivity with environmental protection.

China has made significant progress in this field and has developed a range of innovative techniques and strategies that can be replicated in Pakistan and other developing countries,” said Dr. Adnan Arshad, a Pakistani expert in climate change and sustainable agriculture.

Dr. Adnan graced the stage at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting (PHAM) Malaysia 2024 held at Sunway University from 16 to 19 April, sharing his insights on China’s climate-smart agroecosystems, Gwadar Pro reported on Wednesday.

As the director of the climate change education program at PODA-Pakistan and a researcher at Lanzhou University, China, he mesmerized the audience with his thoughts on how these systems contribute to global efforts in safeguarding planetary health.

On the occasion, UN Under-Secretary-General and UNDP Associate Administrator Xu Haoliang delivered a keynote address urging the world to adopt a new model of global stewardship that aligns with the needs of the 21st century, which resonated strongly with the gathering of 1,069 environmental experts, policymakers, and advocates from 63 countries who had converged in Malaysia to discuss the urgent challenges facing planetary health.

As the world grapples with the growing challenges posed by climate change, the need for sustainable agricultural practices has become paramount.

Climate-smart sustainable agroecosystems represent a transformative approach that not only enhances agricultural productivity but also safeguards the health of the planet by playing a role in reducing the impact of climate change, chemical fertilizers, promoting organic farming, and protecting soils.

“China’s approach to sustainable agroecosystems is not just about increasing yields but also about preserving the environment and safeguarding the health of our planet,” said Dr. Adnan.

“By adopting climate-smart practices, China has been able to reduce its carbon emissions, conserve water resources, and maintain soil health, all while ensuring food security for its vast population.”

Amidst the global push for climate action, China has announced ambitious targets for its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

The nation strives to peak its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to environmental sustainability.

As the world watches China’s progress towards its carbon neutrality goals, it remains hopeful that other nations will follow suit and embrace similar sustainable agricultural strategies.

China, with its vast experience in agricultural modernization, is providing Pakistan with crucial support in this endeavor.

“Chinese experts are working closely with Pakistani farmers and agricultural researchers to develop crop varieties that are resilient to drought, heat stress, and other climate-related challenges.

At the same time, Pakistani farmers are being trained in the latest agricultural practices, enabling them to apply these techniques independently and improve their yields,” added him.

Dr. Adnan’s presentation highlighted the need for concerted efforts to address the intersecting challenges of climate change, environmental degradation, and public health.

“It would be a great opportunity for inter-organizational collaboration between PODA-Pakistan, Chinese institutions, and the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) to promote environmentally friendly systems.

They may also develop innovative solutions that mitigate the negative impact of human activities on the planet by pooling resources and expertise,” he concluded.


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