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Pakistan eyes Chinese collaboration to revitalize Gemstone Sector

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SHENZHEN, Jun. 6 (INP): At the recent Pakistan-China Business Conference held in Shenzhen, China, Dr. Nawaz Ahmad Virk, Director General (Minerals) of the Government of Pakistan, outlined the country’s progress and future plans for developing its gemstone industry.

According to Gwadar Pro on Thursday, he highlighted ongoing efforts to transform raw gemstones into high-value final products for the global market.

“We have met with multiple Chinese companies, expecting future collaboration and investment from Chinese investors to help develop and build this sector together,” stated Dr. Virk.

Dr. Virk explained that while mining and value addition for gemstones are currently in progress, there is a significant need for investors capable of efficiently mining, polishing, refining, and converting these resources.

“This will help us maximize the value of our resources,” he said.

The government prioritizes community development in the gemstone sector, according to Dr. Virk. “The resources belong to the locals and their area, so community development is our top priority, followed by industrial development and processing,” he noted.

To support this, the government is establishing institutes to provide training and foster small industry development, ensuring local participation in the industrial process.

“We aim to attract global investors, especially from China, which is geographically close to our northern areas,” Dr. Virk added. “Engaging Chinese partners in gemstone valuation and export is our first step.

While China could be a primary market, we are also looking to attract interest from the European market and beyond.”

Dr. Virk concluded by emphasizing the government’s strategic approach to the gemstone sector, focusing on sustainable community development, industrial growth, and international partnerships.


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