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Pakistan’s cutlery export to China surged 25% in 2023

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ISLAMABAD, Mar. 11 (INP): The significant increase in Pakistan’s export of cutlery and base metal tools to China by 25% in 2023 highlights the positive trade relations between the two countries.

Sources from Ministry of Commerce told CEN that Pakistan’s exports of tools and cutlery of base metal to China crossed $10 million during 2023, an increase of 25%.

“Pakistan exported pliers, pincers, tweezers & similar tools (commodity code 82032000) worth $3.57 million to China in 2023, whereas scissors, tailors’ shears & similar shears, & blades (commodity code 82130000) crossed $2.39 million in 2023”, he added.

“In Wazirabad, the bustling markets are teeming with workshops and storefronts, where artisans diligently ply their trade, preserving age-old techniques while embracing modern innovation.

It is a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of its people. The city’s craftsmanship has garnered global acclaim, with its products sought after by connoisseurs and collectors worldwide”, he stated.

Faisal Shahzad, affiliated with a cutlery business in Wazirabad said that the industry not only provides employment opportunities but also serves as a source of pride for the local community.

“Wazirabad stands as a shining beacon of craftsmanship and tradition in Pakistan, a testament to the enduring legacy of its artisans and their dedication to perfection in every piece they create.

If we request the Chinese to invest and shift their related industries here, our export could be much bigger than we expect”, he said.

Traders believe that this surge can be attributed to the economic opportunities arising from initiatives such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which have bolstered bilateral trade and cooperation.

Razzak Khan, a Pakistani exporter of cutlery and base metal tools said that Pakistan’s success in expanding its cutlery exports to China underscores the potential for further growth and collaboration in various sectors.

The strategic partnership between Pakistan and China continues to drive economic development and create mutually beneficial opportunities for both nations, setting a promising trajectory for future trade relations.


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