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Positive market sentiment sees surge in foreign portfolio investment: WealthPK

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ISLAMABAD, May. 17 (INP) – In a significant move, foreign portfolio investment has witnessed a notable surge, recording a net inflow of $165 million during the recent period. This development marks a stark contrast to the preceding year, which saw an outflow of $1,014.7 million.

Foreign Private Portfolio Investment contributed significantly to this positive trend, registering a net inflow of $64.9 million. Additionally, Foreign Public Portfolio Investment saw a substantial net inflow of $100.1 million. The combined influx underscores a renewed interest from foreign investors in the country’s financial markets.

Experts have attributed this reversal in foreign portfolio investment to a prevailing positive market sentiment. Amidst global economic uncertainties, Pakistan’s market resilience and growth potential have attracted foreign investors seeking lucrative opportunities.

Speaking on the matter, Syeda Atifa, financial analyst at SNL Financials, emphasized the impact of improved investor confidence in the country’s economic stability and growth prospects.

Talking to WealthPK, she noted that recent policies aimed at enhancing market transparency and regulatory reforms have bolstered investor trust, contributing to the influx of foreign capital.

Furthermore, she highlighted the role of external factors such as geopolitical stability and favorable global economic conditions in attracting foreign portfolio investment. “Pakistan’s strategic geographical location and its position as a regional economic hub have also been cited as factors driving investor interest.”

“The surge in foreign portfolio investment is seen as a positive indicator for Pakistan’s economy, signaling renewed confidence from international investors. It is expected to inject vitality into the financial markets, stimulate economic growth, and pave the way for further investment opportunities in the country,” said Nosheen Ahmed, Operations Manager at MCB Bank.

While acknowledging the positive impact of increased investor confidence and market sentiment, she emphasized the importance of maintaining momentum through consistent policy reforms and regulatory stability. Nosheen stressed the need for the government to continue its efforts to enhance transparency, streamline investment procedures, and address structural challenges to sustain investor interest in the long term.

Additionally, she suggested leveraging this influx of foreign capital to catalyze domestic economic growth and development initiatives, focusing on sectors with high growth potential and fostering a conducive environment for both foreign and domestic investment.

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