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Sindh’s livestock, dairy sector shows ‘impressive growth’: WealthPK

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KARACHI, May 17 (INP) – The livestock and dairy sector of Sindh has shown an impressive growth since the launch of the Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Program (UCBPRP), reports WealthPK.

The program has supported the rural communities by boosting the productivity of the livestock and dairy sector, which is a key source of livelihood in the rural parts of the province.

The project has benefited all the segments; however, women specially benefited from it, as mostly women are associated with the sector in the rural parts of the province.

“The initiative focused on promoting the livestock and dairy sector on the basis of a cooperative business model. As part of the project, a special initiative has been launched for the poor women to ensure sustained income in future,” Muzaffar Jatoi, Joint Director People’s Poverty Reduction Program (PPRP),” told WealthPK.

This initiative aims to support impoverished women milk producers by rehabilitating them and fostering their development into successful entrepreneurs.

Through this program, community livestock extension workers have received training to provide livestock services. Skilled in Artificial Insemination (AI), they deliver animal healthcare directly to the farmers. Notably, it is likely the first instance where villages have access to veterinary first aid services administered by trained professionals.

Tausif Munawar, Field Officer of the program’, told WealthPK that under this plan, market survey and feasibility were conducted. The program has helped enhance the income of people, especially the women, in various parts of the province.

He said the department has compiled the data to gauge the actual outcome of the project. Tausif noted that the project not only increased milk production and its supply chain in rural Sindh, but also benefitted the people by creating jobs in other sectors.

Sindh contributes 27% to Pakistan’s livestock sector and boasts a vast land for poultry and livestock farming.

Talking about the potential of the livestock sector, Tausif said Sindh is connected to the international markets through the land, sea and air routes. The province has a pro-poor and farmer-friendly government, while the continuity of a political system and sustainable policies provide a conducive environment for investment.

He added that the province has 45 million domestically reared cattle and 18 breeds of goats and sheep due to an extensive public sector infrastructure. Apart from this, the province has a large number of buffaloes along with various varieties of disease-resistant cattle.

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